I have over ten years experience in teaching students and adults, specialising in teaching English to speakers of English as a Second Language (ESL), in one-on-one and class settings. I offer home-based and coaching-college based tutoring.

Not only am I a skilled and experienced English tutor, I am dedicated and flexible in my teaching practices and will tailor each lesson to your individual needs. I will create individual learning plans based on your needs, your school curriculum and your objectives from Year 2 to VCE.

I offer quality value-added English tuition in the following areas:

• Writing essays with my foolproof rules and format (persuasive, factual, fiction, analytical, text response)
• Reading and comprehension
• Grammar, spelling and punctuation using contemporary exercises
• Vocabulary improvement
• Research and analysis (how to understand what is required and providing evidence-based responses)
• Distance education
• Selective schools exam preparation (includes verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning)
• VCE English preparation (in 2016 one of my students achieved the ATAR score of 99.94)

I aim to:
• coach in a caring environment
• share my successful tips
• build on existing skills
• add value to school learning
• encourage potential
• achieve best results
• communicate and teach.

Fees are very reasonable and depend on the hours involved and the location.

Feel free to contact me via the Contact Form 


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