Marie Pietersz


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Marie Pietersz has been teaching line dancing for fifteen or so years at many venues in the eastern and south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne and is a dancer and instructor of Ausline Dance.

She teaches new and contemporary line dancing, a gentler form of line dancing, as a fun and fitness cardio exercise incorporating ballroom and Latin moves and steps.This modern style of line dancing caters for a wider age group ranging from children to seniors and is danced to many genres of music including contemporary and pop music.The original American ‘boot scooting’ form of line dancing was generally danced to country and western music and was harder on the knees and legs and therefore limited the age group of dancers.

Marie’s classes are very popular and held most days of the week, catering for absolute beginners, beginners, improvers and experienced. A dedicated and experienced teacher, choreographer and demonstrator, she specialises in teaching beginners and is passionate about keeping senior members of the community fit and on the floor for longer, learning new life skills, gaining confidence, relieving stress and getting social stimulation.

You will find Marie’s dance groups performing at Victorian events such as the Seniors Week celebration day, Whitehorse Spring Carnival, Harmony Day Global Fiesta, and at charity events for clubs and fundraisers. She holds themed dance classes to celebrate the variety of cultural backgrounds of her dancers and to promote multicultural inclusivity. Social outings are also part of the fun.

Looking at enrolling in an activity to enhance your life post full-time work, lose weight, get fitter, find friends and enjoy social interaction? Then you should an Ausline dance class. Dancing is one of the best forms of exercise and when you are exercising to your favourite music with others of like mind, it beats hard ‘yakka’ at a gym. You don’t need a partner and there is no age barrier.

Marie and her dancers are also available for demonstrate, teach and perform at events. Call 0412 296 827 to ask how you can join a day or evening class or book an event. Current class locations are Nunawading, Forest Hill, Vermont South, Camberwell and Keysborough, with more to come on line.

Her vision is LiveLifeLearn.