Let me take you through the whole process, guiding you all the way from manuscript development to published author.

About Me

Working in the publishing industry as a freelance writer and editor over the period of 10 years, I have amassed a valuable skill set in the literary space of reviewing new talent and guiding first-time and nervous authors through the editing process from raw manuscript to polished publication. This has resulted in more confident authors returning to me with other manuscripts and entrusting me to further promote their work with reviews, back cover blurbs and cover designs, and acknowledging me as editor of their publications.  

As a writer, I have been nominated as contributing journalist to community newspapers circulating in Melbourne and overseas in both hard copy and online formats.

After a long career in the Victorian public service in the communications field, I pursued my love for the written word and undertook studies in writing and editing, graduating with distinctions in all facets of the course qualifications. Since then I have followed my dream of being in the journalism field, made even more rewarding as I find opportunities to help others find their voices and follow their dream of being published authors.  

Qualifications: Diploma of Professional Editing and Proofreading (Thompson College NSW), Diploma of Journalism (Morris College of Journalism, NSW)

Fees and Services

Manuscript assessment to development to publishing


A manuscript assessment is often the first step to realising your potential and it is a brave step when handing over your work to a stranger.The moment a raw manuscript appears on my desk to its transformation into a professional attractive publication, I am there to guide you all the way.

A written report assessing a manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses. In my assessment I offer editorial feedback on all the following areas of your writing: 

In my manuscript appraisal I will make comments as a matter of opinion and suggestion on the following areas of your writing. It is up to the author to as to whether or not he/she makes changes to the  manuscript.

·       Overview of manuscript 

·       Title 

·       Narrative Voice 

·       General remarks on 

·            Themes and genre

·            Style

·            presentation

·            Structure

·            Plot

·            Language

·            Viewpoint

·            Writing Skills

·            Processing

Once I conclude that the story is worthy of publication, I will guide you all the way through the processes to the publication and marketing stage. I will ensure that the book contents include all the necessary preliminaries and end-matter.  I could also recommend a publisher and typesetter should you so wish. I could also write you a book review and back cover blurb and suggest a book cover. 


Editing the manuscript line by line, checking grammar, spelling, consistency of style, clarity and expression. This is a time-consuming job which can take from 8 to 10 weeks and fees can be negotiated with the author. 


Proofing a manuscript once it has been copy-edited and ensuring it is ready for publication. This is usually the last stage of manuscript development before the book goes into print. Fees can be negotiated with the author or publishing house.

Fees and charges

Fees depend on the complexity of the project and the amount of work required. Feel free to contact me for a free quote.

Published books 




The Beer Barrel Boys

Beer Barrel Boys_cover

Beer Barrel Boys_cover

Building Bridges

Building Bridges_cover

Building Bridges_cover




Davidia and the Six Sisters

Davidia cover

Davidia cover

Double Bogey

Double Bogey_cover

Double Bogey_cover

Faraway Places



Introducing Gray and Armstrong Private Investigations

Gray and Armstrong Private Investigations_cover_front

I Know Precious Little

I Know Precious Little_cover

I Know Precious Little_cover




Justice for Constable Cook

Justice for Constable Cook_cover

Justice for Constable Cook_cover

Killing Babies

Killing Babies_cover_front

Killing Babies_cover_front

Ready Aim Fire

Killing Babies_cover_front


Davidia and Grandma’s Memories




Other books I have edited are:

Betwixt and Between

My Life Story by Nola Ablett

Olive Julie and the Icecream Man

Rock of Yocklaw

Soldier Boy

Some Kind of Justice

The Air Between

The Australian Nation


Twisted Fate

Walk Back in Time