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13 February 2023

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5 September 2020

This year, due to COVID-2019 lockdown and social distancing, Seniors Week has gone live. Seniors Festival Reimagined 2020 is being celebrated throughout the year and has been brought into the lounge rooms of the public. Once again I am one of the story-tellers and faces for Seniors 2020 and you can see the videos created to celebrate senior performers profiles. This is my link: 

COVID lockdown has also made us more creative and I have choreographed 12 beautiful dances. You can see demonstrations and tutorials for all of them  if you join my Stars-in-Line Facebook page

or my YouTube channel

You can also join my Friday fun online dance class  and get the link through the Stars-in-Line Facebook dance page (link above).

11 September 2019

This year I am one of the faces of the Seniors Festival and have my photo and story in lots of programs and council newsletters. Take a look here.

The Frankston City Council has picked me for the cover of their Seniors Festival program, which is also good to know.

We are also featured on the webpage of the Seniors Festival program dancing last year at Federation Square. Here we are dancing Please read and enjoy.

We will not be able to participate in the Seniors Festival at Federation Square this year or the Whitehorse Spring Festival but will start our demos again at Retirement facilities and we are booked for the Global Fiesta in Box Hill in March.

Meet Marie Pietersz – Seniors online

Seniors Card. Contact Us. Visit this page if you have a query regarding the Victorian Seniors Card program. Manage your card. Apply for a Seniors Card or the NEW Seniors Business Discount Card, cancel a card, update your details or subscribe to e-News

2019 Victorian Seniors Festival – Seniors onlineSeniors Card. Contact Us. Visit this page if you have a query regarding the Victorian Seniors Card program. Manage your card. Apply for a Seniors Card or the NEW Seniors Business Discount Card, cancel a card, update your details or subscribe to e-News

Seniors Week 2019

This year we won’t be participating in Seniors Week or the Whitehorse Festival (both in October) as I will be away. However, we are dancing at the Global Fiesta in March in Box Hill, so get out your dancing thinking caps and let me know your preference for costumes and dances.

Very pleased to find out that my photo has been used to advertise the Seniors Festival coming up in October (see page 43 of the free The Senior newspaper of 26 August 2019) advertising all the free events during Seniors Week (pick up a copy of the program from Coles, Council offices or Libraries and read my story). Make the most of Seniors Week this year.

Christmas in July

Our Vermont South class celebrated Christmas in July with a social class and lunch, organised by our class social secretary Jan Rossi. Everybody had a lovely time dressing up with prizes and a lovely lunch contributed by everybody.

Dance favourites in July

Rita’s Waltz (very old favourite)

All classes learned this dance and there are a couple of photos of the U3A and Vermont South dancers

New Foolish Heart 32/64 choreographed by me

Mambo Express choreographed by me

Sunshine in the Rain (very old favourite)

Community engagement program – entertaining older senior Victorians

July has been a month where we made sure we brought a little sunshine into the lives of our older seniors during the cold winter with our fun and engaging demos. We got the staff and some of the residents up dancing and we heard them all singing, so it made wonderful experiences for all of us. Thank you to all the ladies who volunteered to dance and came out in the cold weather. We are going to get together one of these days for some fellowship together over lunch I promise. I will keep you informed. Without you, the community program wouldn’t be possible.

Dancing update:

Well the 23rd VLDA annual Line Dancing Ball 2019 on 29 June has been done and dusted for this year.

Fourteen dancers from my dance groups went and we had a fab time all dressed out in purple, black and bling.

Please look at the videos through these links.

We also participated in retirement village and nursing homes dancing in May and had a lot of satisfaction and received really good reviews.

Thank you to all who came and gave back to the community, making our elderly seniors very happy and remembering their youth.

We are again scheduled to visit three more nursing homes in July and August and if you ever feel you want to join us, I would love to have you.

Just nice music and easy dances. You will see some of the videos taken if you click on the links.



I am also trialling a new name for my dance group – Stars-in-line and once that is done, I will be printing tee shirts and a few other things so that we wear to our demos.

I will also be publishing both my new dances New Foolish Heart 32/64 and Mambo Express. PLEASE LIKE THEM ON YOUTUBE AND PRESS THE BUTTON TO SUBSCRIBE SO YOU CAN GET MY DANCES AS I PUBLISH THEM.

That’s all for now. Will send you more dance information.


AT Menarock LIFE Sherbrooke
14-18 Tarana Avenue, Upper Ferntree Gully,   3156

Please let me know if you can join and dance for the Nursing Home. Just 45 minutes on either 10, 15, or 17 May to celebrate Mother’s Day.  I would be very grateful. Car pooling will be arranged. This is part of the community work Ausline Dance does, so please help to make our elderly happy. Thank you and email me on or call on 0412 296 827. Thanks very much.

VLDA BALL 2019 (27/3/19)

Hi everybody, if you are interested in attending the Ball this year, please register with ME and pay with me. DO NOT GO DIRECT TO THE ORGANISER as we have to form our own table. Practices will be held during normal dance classes and on Saturdays. I do not plan on attending the Ball Workshop this year which is held from 4.30 to 5.30 pm on the day of the Ball.



Always Remember Us (L Olsen)

Black Feathers (S Kerrigan)

Champagne Promise (T Argyle)

Codigo (D Mitchell)

Dance with a Stranger (A Lefebour)

Dirty Little Secret (K Winson)

Down on Your Uppers (G O’Reilly)

Frequency (M Vera-Lobos)

Get It Right (M Glover)

Ghost Rider (G Elliott & M Harding)

Girl with the Fishing Rod (C Yang)

Graffiti (K Winson)

Hearts on Fire (M Gallagher)

Hey Senorita AB (S Beau)

Hold Me Now (B Jenkins, S Paterson & J Talbot)

Homesick Heart (M Glover)

I Close My Eyes (H Pace)

Just a Phase (F Winehouse & M Glover)

My Angel and Me (K Winson)

Oh Me Oh My Oh (R Fowler)

Sangria Sun (T Argyle)

Swept Away (R Fletcher & K Jennings)

Texas Time (J Talbot)

The Dance We Share (S Paterson)

To The Moon & Back (G O’Reilly & D Rushton)

True Inspiration (J Wetzel)

Waves of Love (G O’Reilly)

Recent additions to the program are:

A Million Dreams (L Olsen), Beautiful In My Eyes (S Ward), Black Dress Red Shoes (L Pink), Down At The Honky Tonk (D Mitchell), I Remember (T Lee), Katchi (R Fowler), Lonely Drum (D Mitchell), Lonely Lovers (M Glover), Missing You (G Elliott), One Moment In Time! (S Paterson), Pillows (L Burgess), Ride Away (R McGowan Hickie), Story (M Glover), Thank You (T Argyle), The Dance We Share! (S Paterson) and Veneno (R Vos)


Bring Down the House (L Burgess) / Banjo (B Larson)

Champagne on Ice (M Vera-Lobos) / Champagne, No Ice (J Wyllie)

Coming Home (L Olsen) / Coming Home AB (L Olsen)

Healing Hands (M Glover) / You’ve Got Healing Hands (A Lefebour & S Paterson)

I’ve Been Waiting for You! (S Paterson) / I’ve Been Waiting for You (A Johnstone & J Talbot)

Perfect (L Olsen) / Perfect (A Johnstone & J Talbot)

Vanotek Cha (G O’Reilly) / Going Through My Mind (A John)

Young Blood (A Lefebour & J Lamb) / Young Ones (L Burgess)


85 (R McEnaney-White & K Maus) / Black Coffee (H O’Malley)

Dirty Little Secret (K Winson) / Eyes For You (J Thompson Szymanski) NOTE: Same tags as Dirty Little Secret on walls 1 & 3

Ghost Rider (G Elliott & M Harding) / Rocket To The Sun (M Glover)

Graffiti (K Winson) / Never Comin Down (H Ng & J Talbot)

Hearts On Fire (M Gallagher) / Infatuation (B Larson)

My Angel And Me (K Winson) / Hello My Love (Baby) (E Montgomery)

Nothing But You (D Bailey) / A Long Way Home (G Elliott) NOTE: Restart on wall 5 (facing front) after 16 counts

Oh Me Oh My Oh (R Fowler) / Rock Around The Clock (T Chapman)

Sway (C Sullivan) / Smokey Places (M Perron) NOTE: After the 4th wall (facing front) add 4 hip sways R-L-R-L

Vanotek Cha (G O’Reilly) / Going Through My Mind (A John)

Wandering Hearts (G O’Reilly & M Gallagher) / Yes Sir That’s My Baby – (L Kurtela)

Waves Of Love (G O’Reilly) / Safe In My Arms EZ (J Talbot) NOTE: Restart on wall 5 (facing front) after 16 counts

We’ll Be Dancing (M Gallagher) / Magic Moments (S Coats)

Wolves (A Herd & T Taylor) / Bootscootin’ Boogie (B Bader)